The University of Tehran Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the 3D printing laboratory has been established in 2017 to provide educational and research services for the academia and industrial sector. It is dedicated to advanced manufacturing research with a primary focus on additive manufacturing of metal, polymer, and composite materials. The scientific services presented by the AM lab. is given to all of the universities, research centers, industries, students and individuals who require them. Clients who wish to seek the service of the University of Tehran AM lab could come in person, via the AM lab web site or by telephone contacts.

3D printing and scanning are new technologies advanced in very recent years which have caused great developments. It empowers almost anyone to manufacture a product as fast and easy as imagining it! Everyone could learn about 3D printing in an equipped laboratory such as the University of Tehran AM lab and become able to follow one’s idea into a product.

The equipment in the AM laboratory:

  • 3D FDM printer having two nozzles with a resolution of a 100 micron
  • 3D LED resin printer with a resolution of a 25 micron
  • 3D printer SSMED developed by the research work in the School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Portable 3D scanner for full body
  • A 3D printing pen
  • Related workshop tools